Cura Medical

CuraMedical BV is a Dutch medical device company that operates in the wound management sector and specialises in the development, manufacturing and marketing of haemostatic agents. Continuously striving to offer exceptional quality and value, the company uses leading-edge technology to ensure an outstanding and reliable product performance.

CuraMedical entered the healthcare market in 1995 with CuraSpon®, an absorbable haemostatic agent based on pharmaceutical gelatin. The haemostatic product line was further developed with the introduction of CuraCel®, a range of oxidised regenerated cellulose haemostats, and CuraTamp®, an oxidised cellulose haemostat.

Nowadays our products are distributed in over 50 different countries worldwide. Since the start of the company, millions of haemostats have been used in clinical sites all over the world and we are continuing to expand and grow our market share. Product quality and performance have always been a priority across our organisation and thanks to our highly qualified and dedicated staff, we have maintained those standards and established ourselves as one of the major players in the wound management sector.

CuraMedical, we help you to cure people!